It's Story Time

The importance of sharing our stories - what comes to mind whenever you drive by a cemetery? It’s difficult for me to drive by a cemetery and not imagine how many untold stories there are buried beneath the sod. In fact there are times - that is during those warm summer days - when my wife and I will actually pull over alongside the road, get out of the car, and walk the aisles between the graves. As we read the many markers we try to envision the life of those who have passed on. People are story-bearers - we have unique experiences, dreams, memories full of treasures (good and bad) that need to be shared.

Five Selections for Prayer Meditation

I trust these five encouragements to prayer will bring you closer to the realization of just how precious is this privilege the Lord has given us. Take your time and read them slowly and with purpose. As each prayer speaks for itself there is no need for additional annotations or explanation. May each one be a source of comfort and encouragement as you are drawn nearer to the Lord.