In Search of Wisdom

A Disciple's Diary

In Search of Wisdom by Glenn T. Horne

It's difficult to live with our past mistakes---believe me, I know. But because each moment of our lives brings change and change brings challenge and challenge oftentimes brings more failure and because we cannot remove ourselves from the past, we need, moment by moment throughout our journey, godly instruction. Allow me to put it this way. It's not an easy thing to honestly face the past; however, it is an important part in moving forward. God recognizes our weaknesses, he gets it, and he has taken it upon himself to help us put the past into a perspective that will help us not only understand who we are but also encourage others along the way.

Perhaps as you travel with Glenn through these pages, In Search of Wisdom: A Disciple's Diary, you will discover that which he has come to realize. And this is an absolutely amazing discovery, but life really is a once-upon-a-time story. No, really it is---a story unfolding in a magical world of extraordinary happenings. And we have within this enchanted world of certainty something far greater than magic wands and pixie dusts. We have unlimited access into the mind of God.

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