Inspiring the imagination that connects our story with the world around us.  Storybook Ministry is a place to celebrate the value of stories. Every life is a journey. A story filled with meaning, enriched moments, and turning points that easily transmit into a narrative worth telling. 

And, since stories offer pictorial truths that easily transmit into life, the awakened imagination is necessary to effectively complete our journeys connecting them to the world of unsolved mysteries. Without the imagination the supernatural world which influences our stories is reduced to a system of mortal logic and natural reason. What I find to be most interesting regarding this pursuit is that the truth we seek comes by means of a trust that demands more from us than we are intellectually capable of giving - meaning that the imagination is a gift from God. Storybook Ministry exists to expose the dangers of disregarding that truth (something I refer to as imagination lost) helping us to understand how we fit into God’s eternal story. The imagination is necessary to connect the stories of life to the wonders of God and the never ending story of redemption.

I could go on and on with a philosophical biblical discussion regarding the knowability of the mysterious wonders of the universe, the value of sharing our stories, and the purpose of Storybook Ministry - but continuance being an opportunity that encourages tomorrow let me conclude this declaration of why I do what I do the way I do it with these thoughts. 

The life we live, the stories we tell, and the truth we seek are not composed of schemes supported by the external world but of introspect and experience occurring as the result of one’s relationship with the Almighty. Reason alone is not capable of discovering the meaning behind our journey through life. We must experience this truth as it is communicated through the imagination. The imagination will open our eyes to a world of unseen realities revealing our place in the Master’s storybook. Storybook Ministry is committed to helping you find that place and share your story

Until we can sit down together I remain faithfully yours.